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Культурологічний пізнавально-дослідницький проект «Зустрічаємо Різдво»

Презентація проекту

Перебіг заходу

Діти заходять до святкової зали співаючи

Добрий вечір тобі

Добрий вечір тобі,

пане господарю!

дуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

Застеляйте столи

Та все килимами,

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

Та кладіть колачі,

З ярої пшениці,

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

Бо прийдуть до тебе,

Три празники в гості,Радуйся!

Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

А що перший празник,

Рождество Христове,

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився

А що другий празник,

Святого Василя,

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

А третій же празник,

Свята Водохрещя.

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

А що перший празник,

зішле тобі втіху,

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

А що другий празник,

зішле тобі щастя,

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

А що третій празник,

зішле тобі долю!

Радуйся! Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

Ой радуйся, земле,

Син Божий народився!

Мама-ведуча: Добрий день, любі дітки, батьки і гості! Щиро вітаю вас у нашій господі!

День чарівний, справжнє диво

В залі посмішок багато,

В залі людно і красиво,

Бо у нас сьогодні свято!

Ось прийшло до нас Різдвяне славне свято.

Гарно так ялинка сяє,

З святом зимнім нас вітає!

Валерія: Winter has come. There are no more flowers and the leaves have gone from the trees.

Учениця :

Winter, winter, winter!

The snow is falling,

The wind is blowing,

The ground is white

All day and all night.

Учениця :

The hills are calling,

Come away, come away,

Snow is falling, come and sleigh

Учениця :

The pond is calling,

Come, don`t be late.

Water`s freezing,

Come and skate.

Учениця :

The fields are calling,

We`re covered white,

Snow is falling,

Children`s delight.

Учениця :

In December the holiday season begins.

This is the season

When mornings are dark

And birds do not sing

In the wood and the park.

This is the season

When children ski

And the Father Frost

Brings the New Year Tree


Учениця :

December come with white snow

And cold winds begin to blow

From the cold and nasty sky

Merry snowflakes fly and fly

They fall softly on the ground

All are still, all are white

Учениця :

December is the best of all

Snowflakes dance, snowflakes fall

People see the New Year in

When December ends, it will begin,

January brings the snow

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

Учениця :

In January Ukrainians celebrate many holidays and the greatest is Christmas with its carols.


До нас на свято завітав з Англії

Санта Клаус. Він просить вас розповісти, як Українці святкують Різдво Христове, що дарують один одному, як вітають рідних та друзів.

Santa Claus: How do you do, children?

Діти: How do you do , Santa Claus?

Santa Claus: How are you, children?

Діти: We`re fine. Thank you.

Santa Claus : Do you know who I am?

Діти: Yes we do.

Учениця :

Santa Claus lives in England.

He is funny and merry,

His cheeks are like roses,

His nose is like a cherry.

With a branch of green holy

And robins, his friends,

To all English children

New Year wishes he sends.

Santa Claus :

I came to your wonderful land of songs and dance. I`d like to know how your people celebrate Christmas Day. Do you like this holiday?

Діти: Yes we do.

Santa Claus: What season is the most festive time of the year in Ukraine?

Учениця : We think it is Christmas season. And we have holidays.

ANDANTE ( П`ЄСА ДЛЯ ГИТАРИ) виконують Влад і Маша

Учениця :

I am running on my skies,

White and silver are the trees.

I am skating on bright ice.-

Winter holidays are nice.

Santa Claus: Do you like Christmas Day?

Діти: Yes we do.

Учениця : We like Ukrainian Christmas Day. We like When Grandfather Frost comes at Christmas Night with a big bag full of presents for us and our parents. He puts the presents under the New Year Tree.

Santa Claus: When do Ukrainian people celebrate Christmas Day?

Учень : We celebrate the Christ`s birthday on the 7th of January.

Santa Claus: How do Ukrainians celebrate this holiday?

Учениця : You know this holiday is of religious origin. It is a custom for Ukrainian people to congratulate each other on the occasion of Christmas, and they wish each other happiness, good luck in everything. On this day many families attend churches to be present at services held there.

Santa Claus: What New Year fairy-tales do you like?


Scene 1

(The storyteller is sitting on the pillows in front of the fireplace)

Storyteller: If it were not for me, you would never learn what happened to a boy called Kay. But silence. Let's begin.

(A poor room, a fireplace, 2 armchairs, rose bushes)

Gerda: Hello, boys and girls! This is my brother. We live here, in this little house with our Granny. My name is Gerda.

Kay: And my name is Kay.

Gerda: What's it?

Kay: The stairs are creaking.

Gerda: Oh, yes! They are creaking.

Kay: Here is our Granny. Why is she knocking? Keep quite! Let's frighten her.

Gerda: All right!

(The children are running around the room trying to hide.)

(A man enters)

Kay: Bow-wow-wow!

Gerda: Miaow-miaow!

Man: What's going on in this house? Why are you shouting? You silly children!

Gerda: We are very sorry! We thought you were our Granny.

(Granny enters)

Kay: Granny!

Gerda: Our Granny!

Granny: My dear children!

Man: Good evening, ma'am!

Granny: Good evening, sir! What can I do for you? Who are you?

Man: I'm the King's Counsellor! I want to buy the roses.

Granny: Do you like flowers?

Man: No, I hate them.

Granny: Why do you want to buy them then?

Man: I buy rarities. In winter flowers are rare! Here are ten pounds for your roses.

Granny: I am not going to sell the roses. We like them very much.

Gerda: Yes, we love them.

Man: Thirty pounds:

Granny: No!

Man: Fifty:

Granny: No!

Man: I'm the King's Counsellor! I'm very rich! I sell ice. I know the Snow Queen! I can buy anything!

Granny: They are not for sale.

Man: You are a crazy old woman!

Kay: Don't shout at our Granny! She is so kind!

Man: Well, I'm leaving! I'll take revenge! I'll tell the Snow Queen about you!

Kay: What an angry man!

Gerda: Granny, who is the Snow Queen?

(The sounds of mysterious music)

Granny: The Snow Queen lives in the North! She is very beautiful but very cruel!

(The sounds of the blizzard)

(The Snow Queen appears)

The Snow Queen: Have you seen the Mystic Queen

Riding in her limousine

Over hills and dales till morning.

If you like I'll take you there

Find some colours you can wear.

Colours that you've only seen while sleeping.

Kay: Oh! Who are you?

S.Q.: I am the Snow Queen. Good evening!

Granny: Good evening! Sit down, please!

S.Q.: No! It is very hot for me! You are very nice but old and poor. And you have two children. And I am very rich but alone. So, I'll take this boy from you!

Kay: What? Granny! I don't want to go with her!

Gerda: Granny! Don't give Kay to her!

S.Q.: Kay! You'll be my son! You will live in the beautiful palace!

Kay: I don't want!

(The Snow Queen touches Kay with her magic wand. The frightful music sounds.)

Kay: Ha-ha-ha! How fat and funny you are!

Gerda: What's the matter?

Granny: I don't recognize you!

Kay: I don't want to live in this poor house! I am leaving. Goodbye!

(He runs out)

Scene 2

Gerda: I am very tired! I have been looking for Kay for so long! But I must go on and find my brother!

(Gerda sings a sad song.)

Lady Crow: Caw! Caw! Caw! Good morning, young lady!

Gerda: Good morning!

G. Crow: Where are you going, young lady?

Gerda: I am looking for my brother Kay.

G. &L. Crow: Caw! Caw! Caw!

G. Crow: It's the name of our prince! Go with us and you'll see your brother!

L. Crow: Let's go!

Gerda: Oh, thank you very much.

(In the palace. Prince and princess are playing horses.)

Prince: Stop playing this game, Elsa! I'm tired of being a horse. Let's play another game.

Princess: Let's play hide-and-seek!

Prince: OK. You hide and I'll count to twenty!

(Princess is running around the room. She sees Gerda and shrieks)

Princess: Who is there?

Prince: Is it a rat?

Princess: It's a girl and two crows.

Prince: What are you doing here, young lady? Why are you crying?

Gerda: I am Gerda. I'm crying because you are not my brother. He was carried by the Snow Queen! I thought he was here!

Prince: Don't cry! We'll help you! Where are you going?

Gerda: I'm going to the North. I must find the Snow Queen!

Princess: It's a long way!

Prince: We'll give you a carriage!

Princess: And I'll give you a coat, a muff and boots. Give my clothes to Gerda!

(Servants come and bring the clothes.)

Gerda: Thank you very much!

Scene 3

(The storyteller is sitting on the pillows in front of the fireplace.)

Storyteller: Everything is all right! Gerda is going in the carriage. The poor boy will be saved. Quite! What's there? Robbers!

(The robbers appear on the stage and perform the robbers' dance.)

( A camp of robbers in the forest. An old woman is near the fire. The robbers have brought Gerda.)

Robber 1: Look what we've got!

Robber 2: Here is a gold carriage!

Robber 3: And this is the girl from the carriage!

Old Woman Robber: How nice she is! I think she will be very tasty!

Gerda: Don't kill me, please! Let me go!

Robber 4: What a silly girl! Ha-ha-ha!

Robber 5: You'll be killed!

Gerda: Dear robbers! Please let me go! Kay will die without me!

Old Woman Robber: I'm going to eat you!

Little Robber Girl: Don't touch her! She will be mine! She will play with me! Give me your muff and your hat! What's your name?

Gerda: I'm Gerda. You can take my clothes but I'll be cold when I get to the Snow Queen.

Little Girl Robber: No! You won't go there! You will live with me! Look what I've got! Come, come here quickly!

(The Reindeer appears)

Little Girl Robber: Gerda, look how funny he is!

(She touches the reindeer with a knife.)

Gerda: Don't do it, please!

Little Robber Girl: Why? I like the way it trembles all over.

Gerda: May I ask him a question?

Little Robber Girl: Yes, you may.

Gerda: Tell me, deer! Did you live in the North?

Reindeer: Oh, yes!

Gerda: Have you ever seen the Snow Queen?

Reindeer: Yes, I have. Once she passed me! She had a little boy with her! He was white with cold. She called him Kay.

Gerda: He has seen her. He is my brother. Dear girl! Let me go! I must save Kay! He will die in the North.

Reindeer: Do let her go! I'll take Gerda to the Snow Queen's Kingdom.

Little Girl Robber: All right! There is nothing to be done. I won't give you your muff! I like it. Kiss me.

Gerda: Thank you, girl!

Reindeer: Thank you!

Little Robber Girl: Good luck, Gerda!

Gerda: Goodbye! Goodbye!

Scene 4

(The storyteller is sitting on the pillows in front of the fireplace.)

Story-teller: Oh, how sad I am! Poor Gerda! She is riding on the Reindeer. Help her to save Kay!

Gerda: Is this the kingdom of the Snow Queen?

Reindeer: Yes, it is. I can't go farther. You must remember, the Snow Queen is very cruel and it is very difficult to get into her palace!

Gerda: I must go there! Thank you, my dear friend!

(In the palace: Kay is on the icy throne.)

Gerda: Kay, Kay! Are you frozen? Answer me!

Kay: Hush, Gerda! You are bothering me!

Gerda: Dear Kay! It's me, Gerda! You didn't even say to me: "Glad to see you!"

Kay: Glad to see you.

Gerda: You sound so cold. Are you really my brother?

Kay: I am really Kay. I am very busy. I must make the word out of icicles.

Gerda: Kay, let's go home. It's spring there. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are singing.

(She weeps and embraces Kay.)

Kay: I am cold, Gerda. Is it you? What's the matter? I can walk!

Gerda: Let's go! We will get home.

Scene 5

(The same room as in the first scene.)

Little Robber Girl: Can you hear? The stairs are creaking!

Gentleman Crow: They are coming!

Little Robber Girl: Granny, look, it's Gerda!

Prince: Look, it's Kay!

Princess: Granny, look, they are both here!

G. &L. Crow: Welcome home!

Granny: My dear children! You are back at last!

Snow Queen: You must give this boy back to me at once or I'll turn you into ice.

Man: I'll crack you into pieces.

Gerda: Nobody is afraid of you here!

Snow Queen: Oh, we'll see!

Little Robber Girl: You can wave your arms, your legs and your tail, but we won't give Kay to you!

Kay: Go away, you two! We are not afraid of you. Thank you, dear friends!

Ведуча-мама: До нас на свято завітав також і наш Дід Мороз.

Дід Мороз:

Добрий день усім вам, друзі,

Любим діткам, мамам і татусям.

Через гори, через річки

Я зробив немалий крос.

Хто ж такий я?

Діти: Father Frost.

Дід Мороз: Вітаю вас! Добрий день, шановна класна родина! Good afternoon, Santa Claus!

Правильно мене назвали.

Дід Мороз я, відгадали.

В мене довга борода

Та й торбина чимала.

А у важкій торбинці

Різдвяні вам гостинці.

Але щоб дарунок мати,

Загадки слід розгадати.

Я запрошую нашого гостя Санта Клауса теж узяти участь.

Загадки для батьків

Від Діда Мороза

Взимку горою, а літом водою


Плету хлівець на четверо овець

А на п’яту окремо.


На чистому полі поплутані коні,

І вузлики знати, та й не можна розв’язати.


Зелену сукню маю

Ніколи не знімаю.

Один-єдиний раз на рік зірками прикрашаю.

( Ялинка)

Хто малюнки на вікні у ночі зробив мені.

( Мороз)

Лід на річках, сніг на полях,

Віхола гуляє, коли це буває?

( Узимку)

Riddles for children

By Santa Claus.

I know something that falls upon the ground.

I know something which doesn`t make a sound.

I know something which comes in winter weather.

I know something which makes the whole world white.

And when children see it they shout with delight.

What is it? I know.

( Snow)

In winter and in summer

They stay in one colour. What are they?

( A fir-tree and a pine-tree)

I come with cold and snow

But you like me I know. ( Winter)

What man cannot live inside the house.

( A snowman)

He comes at night (or so they say)

Then does his Job and go away.

(Father Frost or Santa Claus)

A little old man with 12 children:

Some are short, some are long, some are cold, some are hot. What is it?

( A year)

Santa Claus: Our English children like Christmas Day too. Do you know what poems they recite?


It`s Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Yes, it`s merry, merry Christmas,

It`s a time for hanging stockings,

It`s a time for riding sleighs,

It`s a time for jolly greeting,

Snow and holly overeating,

Oh, I love you, Merry Christmas,

You`re the best of holidays.

Santa Claus: When in Great Britain Christmas is celebrated ( on the 25th of December) all members of the family gather together. For most British people this holiday means exchanging presents and a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, pudding and mince pies.

Children write letters to Santa Claus and tell him what presents they would like to get. On Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, families open their presents. Many children believe that Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve in a sleigh pulled by reindeer and brings presents; some children hang up stockings so Santa Claus can fill them with candy, fruit and other small gifts.

Dear children, I`m very pleased with you. And I`d like to sing with you English song ``Jingle Bells``

Song `` Jingle Bells``

Автор - James Pierpont (1857)

Dashing through the snow

In a one-horse open sleigh

O'er the fields we go

Laughing all the way.

Bells on bob-tail ring

Making spirits bright

What fun it is to ride and sing

A sleighing song tonight.


Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way,

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh, O

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way,

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh.

A day or two ago

I thought I'd take a ride

And soon Miss Fanny Bright

Was seated by my side;

The horse was lean and lank

Misfortune seemed his lot,

We ran into a drifted bank

And there we got upset.


A day or two ago

The story I must tell

I went out on the snow

And on my back I fell;

A gent was riding by

In a one-horse open sleigh

He laughed at me as

I there sprawling laid

But quickly drove away.


Now the ground is white,

Go it while you're young,

Take the girls along

And sing this sleighing song.

Just bet a bob-tailed bay,

Two-forty as his speed,

Hitch him to an open sleigh

And crack! You'll take the lead.


Santa Claus: Children, do you know any English carols?

Christmas Carols

I heard the bells on Christmas day

Their old familiar carols play

And mild and sweet the words repeat,

Of peace on earth, good will to men.

I thought how as the day had come,

The belfries of all Christendom

Had roll'd along th' unbroken song

Of peace on earth, good will to men.

And in despair I bow'd my head:

"There is no peace on earth," I said,

"For hate is strong, and mocks the song

Of peace on earth, good will to men."

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:

"God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;

The wrong shall fail, the right prevails,

With peace on earth, good will to men."

'Til ringing, singing on its way,

The world revolved from night to day,

A voice, a chime, a chant sublime,

Of peace on earth, good will to men

Santa Claus: What Ukrainian Carols do you know? What Christmas songs do you sing in Ukraine?

Діти: Ми співаємо такі колядки.

Тиха ніч Слова: Fr. Joseph Mohr Музика: Franz X. Gruber

Тиха ніч, свята ніч!

Ясність б'є від зірниць.

Дитинонька Пресвята,

Така ясна, мов зоря,

Спочиває в тихім сні.

Тиха ніч, свята ніч!

Гей, утри сльози з віч,

Бо Син Божий йде до нас,

Цілий світ любов'ю спас,

Вітай нам, святе Дитя!

Свята ніч настає,

Ясний блиск з неба б'є,

В людськім тілі Божий Син

Прийшов нині в Віфлеєм

Щоб спасти цілий світ.

Тиха ніч, свята ніч!

Зірка сяє ясна,

Потішає серця,

Величає Христа.

Дитя святе, як зоря,

Нам світи, зоря ясна!

На небі зірка ясна засяла

На небі зірка ясна засяла

І ясним світлом сіяє,

Хвиля спасення нам завітала, -

Се бо Христос ся рождає.

Щоб землю з небом в одно злучити,

Христос родився, славіте! | (2)

В біднім вертепі, в яслах, на сіні,

Спочив Владика, Цар світу.

Ото ж, до Нього спішім всі нині, -

нашого жде Він привіту.

Спішім любов’ю його огріти,

Христос родився, славіте! | (2)

Благослови нас, Дитятко Боже,

Даруй нас нині любовю,

Хай і пекельна сила не зможе

Нас розділити з Тобою.

Благослови нас, ми ж Твої діти,

Христос родився, славіте! | (2)

Благослови нас, наш любий Христе,

Зло побідити силу дай,

Засій в серцях нам бажання чисте -

Міцно любити рідний край:

Щоб Україна могла радіти,

Христос родився, славіте! | (2)

Santa Claus: What Christmas greetings are there?

Christmas greeting, just for you

Warm and most sincere:

To wish you every happiness

Troughout the coming year!

We want to give you lots of love

And want to say right here

Merry Christmas

And then a Happy New Year!

New things to learn.

New friends to meet,

New songs to sing,

New books to read,

New tings to see,

New things to hear,

New things to do

In this glad New Year!

Be merry all, be merry all,

With holly dress the festive hall;

Prepare the song, the feast, the ball,

To welcome merry Christmas.

I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Their old, familiar carols play,

And wild and sweet

The words repeat

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

At Christmas-tide the open hand

Scatters its bounty o'er sea and land,

And none are left to grieve alone,

For Love is heaven and claims its own.

Wouldn't life be worth the living

Wouldn't dreams be coming true

If we kept the Christmas spirit

All the whole year through?

Oh! lovely voices of the sky

Which hymned the Saviour's birth,

Are ye not singing still on high,

Ye that sang, "Peace on earth"?

Santa Claus: But what Ukrainian greetings do you know?

Хай сонце світить вам усюди,

Хороший настрій завжди буде.

В здоров`ї й щасті вам прожити,

У краще віру не лишити.

Нехай здійсняться ваші мрії,

А на Різдво бажання і надії.

З Новим роком і Різдвом вітаємо,

Щастя, радості бажаємо,

Щоб в щасливій вашій хаті

Ви усі були багаті!

Рік старий вирушає в дорогу,

Залишає нам зоряний дім…

Кожний кожному щастя нового

Зичить радісно з Роком Новим…

Вже коляда по світу ходить,

А над вертепом зірка сходить,

Де в яслах спить мале Дитя

Це рід людський діждавсь Царя!

Дай Боже, добрі люди й Вам,

Прийняти у серця Царя любові,

Він сповнить кожен дім добром

Достатку всім буде доволі!

В цей благодатний час,

Коли Ангели сповіщають всім Добру Новину,

Вітаємо Вас з Різдвом Христовим!

Нехай Дитя Ісус благословить Вас та Вашу родину !

В гарну днину, в добрий час

Із Різдвом вітаєм Вас !

Із Вечерею Святою, веселою колядою !

Хай колядочка лунає, і сніжком хай посіває,

Хай Рік Новий несе у хату,

Щастя й радості багато !

Христос народився !

Возрадуйтесь люди, приходить година

Маленька дитина Ісус Вас вітає, і, хоче сказати

Що радість велику приносить до хати

А може в тій хаті когось Вам бракує?

А може в тій хаті хтось гірко сумує?

Кого Вам бракує не забувайте,

Хто гірко сумує розвеселяйте .

А ми з маленьким Ісусом на сіні

Усіх Вас вітаєм у Вашій родині,

У Вашій родині, у вашій хатині

По всій Україні - Христос ся рождає!

То Коляда – то дух землі,

І пісня прадідів пречиста,

Що хлібом пахне на столі

Й горить у вишитті врочисто.

Santa Claus: Let`s dance!

Song ```We wish you Merry Christmas``

We wish you a merry Christmas (х3)

And a happy New Year.

Let`s all do a little clapping (x3)

And spread Christmas Cheers.

We wish you a merry Christmas (х3)

And a happy New Year.

Let`s all do a little jumping (x3)

And spread Christmas Cheers.

We wish you a merry Сhristmas (х3)

And a happy New Year.

Let`s all do a little laughing (x3)

And spread Christmas Cheers.

We wish you a merry Сhristmas (х3)

And a happy New Year.

Let`s all do a little dancing (x3)

And spread Christmas Cheers.

We wish you a merry Сhristmas (х3)

And a happy New Year.

Let`s hang up our Christmas stockings(x3)

We wish you a merry Сhristmas (х3)

And a happy New Year.

Let`s all wave good-bye to Santa

And spread Christmas Cheers.


Christmas Day, happy day,

We are all glad and very gay!

We all dance and sing and say

``Welcome! Welcome, Christmas Day!``

Merry Christmas, my dear friends,

Merry Christmas today!

Santa Claus: Thank you very much for your party. We`ve really had fun today. Unfortunately I have to go to my country I wish you to be healthy, wealthy! Good luck!

Вітання від батьків

Від душі прийміть вітання

І найкращі побажання

У здоров`ї жити всім!

І дорослим, і малим!

З Різдвом Христовим! З Новим Роком!

Щастя,радості нівроку!

Любі діти, милі діти,

Виростайте, наче квіти.

Білочубі, чорноброві,

Виростайте всі здорові!

Чуйні серцем,чесні, щирі,

Виростайте в дружбі, мирі!

І на радість всій родині,

І на славу Україні!

Хай щастить усім нівроку

B кожен день Hового Pоку!

А зараз запрошую вас до нашого святкового столу